Spends less time and costs on (last-minute & unexpected) alterations and wrap-up a robust project

on site

Thanks to GenieVision

Bring your 3D & BIM data on site and engage smart savings for your project.

Deliver a more robust project reducing modifications with a better control of time and costs.


During the execution of a project, difficulties in ensuring quality control disrupts planning, generates additional costs and impacts the overall quality of the project.

It is now possible for on-site operators to:

  • Verify the implementation of a model in reality by easily and quickly spotting possible clashes
  • Report and easily share non-conformities
  • Locate and visualize non-conformities in order to control them more quickly
  • Make sure that you always have an up to date model
  • Reduce errors and problems associated with use of traditional materials on site
  • Quickly & visually communicate and share with other operators


Thanks to GenieVision

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Technical works projects

Soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking  all technics (ducts, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)

Renovation projects – openings

Coming soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking slab openings

"With GenieVision, a lot of use-cases can be addressed such as the ability to visualize technical installations (MEP) or to verify that all necessary pass-throughs have been created. In revamp situation we could use the solution to verify existing as-built models against reality before starting the design of the new project. Real savings in terms of quality control and time."

Frits Bonte - Digital Process Manager