Make an informed analysis of the structure or installation, follow up on the progress.

Thanks to GenieVision

Leverage your 3D & BIM data and engage smart savings throughout the lifecycle of your project:

• Check faster, better and sooner
• Increase margin by reducing failure costs
• Increase execution pace
• Increase execution quality, easing the follow-up


During the execution of a project, difficulties in ensuring quality control disrupts planning, generates additional costs and impacts the overall quality of the project.

It is now possible for on-site operators to:

  • Verify the implementation of a model in reality by easily and quickly spotting possible clashes
  • Report and easily share non-conformities
  • Locate and visualize non-conformities in order to control them more quickly
  • Make sure that you always have an up to date model
  • Reduce errors and problems associated with use of traditional materials on site
  • Quickly & visually communicate and share with other operators

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Renovation projects – openings

Coming soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking slab openings

Technical works projects

Soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking  all technics (ducts, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)

As-built projects – PROBIM

The as constructed must perfectly reflect the reality of the building in all its components. By applying AR on the 3D model, we had a powerful and reliable tool. Read more

"AR is easy to implement and easy to use for everyone on the construction teams. But simple does not mean it isn't a powerful technology. Using a 3D BIM means site operators can verify the implementation and spot possible deviations quickly and easily. AR also lets users locate and visualise non-conformities more rapidly and communicate that visual information with other operators faster than previously possible. So far, we have successfully deployed AR in demolition work, structural works, and techniques. We are also planning to use it in renovations and maintenance as soon as we get the chance. It works."

Frits Bonte - Digital Process Manager