Document the as-built and ease the project handover

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Leverage your 3D & BIM data and engage smart savings throughout the lifecycle of your project:

• Record 3D vs Reality & related data
• Keep track of changes
• Ease data consultation
• Quick comparison between updates in the model and the as-built.

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As-built projects

Coming soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision to access in a glance to their  issues (3D against reality) collected along the control process

"More and more projects involves partial renovation of an existing building. The as-built model of the building has not always been kept up to date during the life-cycle of the building. GenieVision allows us to compare the latest version of the as-built model to the situation in reality. In that way we make sure that design starts from the correct situation. We are also able to “preview” the new building on top of the existing building that is being re-fitted. This gives us a better assessment of the impact of the changes that need to be made to the existing building. We can also think of use-case like progress reporting during construction, quality checks during construction and even during the maintenance phase of the building."

Frits Bonte - Digital Process Manager