Augmented Reality designed for operators on site

Simplify field processes and connect BIM to the site

Find out all product features that allow you to keep track of the construction progress.

User-friendly interface

An application designed for the field: 3D model scaled 1:1 and quick processes to adjust the placement. It is easy.

Automatic Relocation

Dynamic Floor Plan

Stay located in the model with accuracy. Find your way around and visualise non-conformities and saved calibration points.

Non-conformities identification

Send georeferenced information from the field to the managers: document and prioritise for better planning.


Thanks to a patented process, snap the model on the real world in only 3 clicks.

Automatic Relocation

Placement of the 3D model is essential. In matter of seconds, recall the calibrated model automatically where you are located.



Experience Mixed Reality: real objects emerge from the plan for better understanding and safety on site.

GenieVision App

Layer Management

Observe the elements of the plan by categories: structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, furniture, etc. Sorted by layers and sublayers, display relevant layers and save them as favorites.


Correct the elevation of the model to suit the phase of construction. From concrete to MEP and completion.


Display elements behind or below a vertical or horizontal plane. Select a plane such as a wall or the ground and isolate objects from this plane.

Application on-site highlighting elements with Augmented Reality

GenieVision App

Fully featured application, it is the visual interface of complex projects requiring a high level of collaboration. Equipped teams will benefit from full coordination between the on-site and the office.

GenieVision App Lite

Lightly featured application, it brings BIM data on-site with simplified options. Aimed for smaller scale projects or building plots, it helps cooperation by sharing visual information among teams.

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