AR lets operators visualise 3D BIM on-site

Make operator's jobs easier by simplifying the field process

Discover the features that turn the solution into your ultimate construction resource.

User-friendly interface

Built for the field: 1:1 of any 3D model on-site, quick adjustment of the placement. Fast and easy.

Automatic Relocation

Dynamic Floor Plan

Always an accurate position in the model. Walk around comfortably, visualise non-conformities, and save calibration points.

Identification of non-conformities

Direct field-to-manager communication - relay georeferenced information to the team, so they can document and prioritise for better planning.

Patented 3-click calibration

3 clicks is all it takes to visualise your 3D BIM model into the real world. Trust this patented process.

Automatic relocation

And calibration - the app follows where you are and where you're headed, so you're always looking at the right 3D model.



Move around in the mixed reality. You'll see real objects emerge from the plan so you can assess the safety and security on site.

GenieVision App

Layer management

Experience your plan in layers. Your plan can be displayed per category: structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, furniture, etc. Define and sort by (sub)layers, save your favorites, so you can display the ones you want when you need them.


Match your model to its construction phase: from design to groundworks to MEP to completion.


This enables you to display elements on a vertical or horizontal plane. Select a wall or ground plane and isoate certain elements on this plane.

Application on-site highlighting elements with Augmented Reality

GenieVision App

Loaded with all the features, the application gives users the visual interface they need to assess and discuss complex projects on site with all collaborators.

Augmented Reality app for Construction

Some demonstrations

See the features in action and understand how the solution works. What more than on-site demonstrations to get a clearer picture of the situation?

GenieVision Gate

GenieVision Gate

Central place for all your projects and their 3D models, the portal gives users the details about project's non-conformities and enable remote supervision of the worksite.