Deliver more robust projects by visualizing your 3D on site

Our mission brought in 4 statements:

GenieVision App

Check better, faster and more thanks to visual support.

Project yourself into a building right from the design phase and monitor the progress by carrying out quality controls on site

During the execution of a project, difficulties in ensuring quality control disrupts planning, generates additional costs and impacts the overall quality of the project. It occurs for various reasons: legibility of 2D plans, entanglement in operational execution sequences, communication problems, failures in the follow-up of non-conformities, etc.

GenieVision eases the workers’ processes, enhances field reports, strengthens links between the office and the on-site, locates information accurately in the field, works with updated model.

We ensure accuracy and cooperation in the quality control process.

And more : Enrich your “As-Built”Keep your eco-systemLeverage your BIM

Digitalize your "As-built" by collecting visual information and related data, to make sure it’s always up-to date.

Everything collected during inspection phases can be documented for a subsequent « As-Built » file

Implementation of BIM models in the construction phase, which typically involves stakeholders from different fields, often has numerous BIM-related interfaces and problems and is costly. Therefore, feedback from the most recent as-built model tracking and BIM model problems are essential for BIM process management (BIM PM) in the construction field.

Using GenieVision throughout the monitoring process of a project work site helps capture design versus actual execution.

GenieVision compiles and archives:

  • Photos taken on a site while checking.
  • Scans used for the localization process.
  • Information sourced from those images and scans: time, place, etc.

As part of an ongoing process, GenieVision becomes a dynamic library to illustrate the « As-built », becoming a collaborative platform useful in the entire life cycle of a building.

Stay connected to your existing construction management eco-system

The near-real-time collection of project data coupled with integration of design and project management tools requires an integrated approach

Most of our customers already have their own software Eco-system:

  • Design tools
  • Coordination tools
  • Collaborative and document management tools
  • Issue & QHSE workflow reporting tools


GenieVision has an integrated service approach to be part of customers’ solution suits:

  • GenieVision is using standard format IFC (Industrial Foundation Class) to collect 3D BIM Models
  • GenieVision is using standard format BCF (BIM collaboration format) while reporting issues or non-conformities

GenieVision solution architecture contains open Application Programming Interfaces (API) enabling interaction with a customers’ software environment

Your BIM is exiting the design phase and increasing its scope of collaborative use on site.

During the design & conception phases, investment into BIM is way higher than during execution and maintenance. The ratio is inversely proportional to the building’s budget allocated to this phase

Trends may be reversed by an increasing BIM adoption in the sector, and the availability of software such as GenieVision, bringing BIM on site for better collaboration and trans-disciplinary use.

Thanks to GenieVision:

  • Upload your 3D model and access it from a mobile device
  • Get a visual interface and easily access the BIM data
  • Improve communication among project team and connect the on-site with the office
  • Benefit from easy and cost-effective implementation
  • Optimize discrepancies management between the construction site and the 3D model

Discover how it brings value to your projects

Get the support of GenieVision to access your BIM throughout the lifecycle of your project, from design to conception, and from construction to maintenance.

The team

GenieVision has a team of 15 dedicated professionals who are pulling out all the stops to deliver this highly innovative solution. At GenieVision, we are working as one team together with our customers.


Philippe Carême

CEO & Co-founder

Civil Engineer with an IT & Digital transformation background, I want to bring GenieVision to be the “new AR SaaS standard” for construction and industrial industries.


Caroline Zigrand

COO & Co-founder

After 10 years of experiences leading implementation of digital and innovative sales processes, as co-founder of GenieVision, I'm now using all my understanding of bringing a project to success: look beyond, anticipate, meet customer needs, minimize risks and efforts to optimize results, in order to offer the best solution to our end-users!


Hadrien Vande Wiele

CTO & Co-founder

Electrical Engineer, I started my career in the building construction during 4 years before reorienting myself as a developer in the video game industry. I founded a startup specialized in AR / VR and now I am in charge of the AR mobile app of our solution. On top of that, I bring my transversal technical vision at GenieVision and I want the best and easiest UX for all of our customers!


Jean-Pierre Van Oudenhove

CDO & Co-founder

Bio-Engineer with a specialization in geomatics, I have been focusing the past 17 years in developing geo-data transformation services in the energy and utility sector. As CDO of GenieVision, I'm in charge of delivering secured and consistent data flows between our cloud solution, external API and the mobile application.