WEBINAR: Client feedback: use of AR on-site!

  • 04.11.2021
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Learn it all about AR for Construction in November

How to get 3D out of the screen thanks to AR?


8th of December, 17h-17h30

The implementation and feedback from some of our customers explained by Caroline Zigrand – COO of GenieVision

“Bring the 3D on-site and feel the BIM!”

Will be discussed the following subjects:

  • How to go from 3D to Augmented Reality?
  • What are the BIM features brought on-site?
  • How to tackle the challenge of continuous monitoring?
  • How to actively drive quality of the execution?
  • Visualise the 3D you receive
  • Carry the 3D with you anywhere
  • Display the 3D on top of reality
  • Check the 3D with the completed work
  • Update the 3D according to the execution
  • Deliver the 3D “digital twin” of your construction
  • Benefit from the 3D throughout the life-cycle of the building

Join us and discover the new standard in control and monitoring of your construction sites!

WEBINAR - Bring your 3D on-site & feel the BIM!

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