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  • 17.12.2021
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Learn about the future of Construction

A unique webinar with PropTech Belgium!


19th of January, 17h-18h

How the construction industry is relying on 3D for a successful BIM and how AR can help?

PropTech Lab is the Belgian community of Innovators in the real estate value chain. Their mission is to foster innovations in construction and real estate, and to ease the digital transformation of the industry.

GenieVision Augmented Reality (AR) gives engineers and other construction professionals the ability to benchmark on-site reality against the 3D. Their mission is to bring the 3D on-site and clear the digital rupture in BIM.

A great combination of expertise!

The association from two leaders: true projections on the industry and concrete feedbacks from the field!

PropTechLab will bring to the audience answers to the following questions:

  • How is it any different seeing a rendered project in AR & VR to a quality render on a PC / Laptop screen?
  • Can I interact and work with a designed model in the virtual space?
  • Can I walk around a designed space in AR & VR?
  • Can I see what my client is looking at whilst they’re wearing the HMD?
  • What are the advantages of my client?

GenieVision will bring its BIM construction expertise and answer the following topics:

  • How to go from the 3D to Augmented Reality?
  • What are the BIM features brought on-site?
  • How to tackle the challenge of continuous BIM monitoring?
  • How to actively drive quality of the execution?

Join us and get hints about the new trends in the building industry.

From the Design & Conception to Construction and Operations, join us to this projective journey!

Leverage your 3D BIM throughout the project lifecycle!

  • Visualise the 3D you receive
  • Carry the 3D with you anywhere
  • Display the 3D on top of reality
  • Check the 3D with the completed work
  • Update the 3D according to the execution
  • Deliver the 3D “digital twin” of your construction
  • Benefit from the 3D throughout the life-cycle of the building

Join us and discover the new standard in control and monitoring of your construction sites!

WEBINAR - Bring your 3D on-site & feel the BIM!

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