WEBINAR: Level up your 3D on-site and enhance your BIM!

  • 02.06.2021
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Monday 14th of June, 5 pm

How is quality management enhanced thanks to Augmented Reality?

Coordination is the key word in any project! Visualising, simulating and sharing open up a new world of possibilities.

From buildings’ construction to products’ lifecycle and complexe manufacturing ; achieve the full potential of the 3D model and maintain control over the cost, quality and time thanks to Augmented Reality.

Join GenieVision co-founders’ talk about 3D in the Construction industry and BIM management

“Level up your 3D on-site and enhance your BIM!”

Through a demonstration of the entire solution, the following topics will be discussed:

  • How to go from 3D to Augmented Reality? What are the features of the BIM brought on-site?
  • How to strengthen inspections and tackle the challenge of continuous monitoring?
  • How to boost coordination and actively drive quality of the execution?
  • Visualise the 3D you receive
  • Carry the 3D anywhere
  • Display the 3D on top of reality
  • Check the 3D on top of the completed work
  • Update the 3D according to the execution
  • Deliver the 3D “digital twin” of your construction
  • Benefit from the 3D throughout the life-cycle of the building

Join us and learn about the new standard in on-site quality management!

WEBINAR - Level up your 3D plan on-site!

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How can Augmented Reality drastically improve quality management?