[REPLAY] Enhance construction project coordination thanks to Augmented Reality

  • 16.07.2021
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Construction project coordination, what can Augmented Reality do for it?

Meet GenieVision’s co-founders through this webinar we hosted on the 14th of June 2021 👇

Bring the 3D on-site and feel the BIM!

Coordination is the key word in any construction project! Visualising, understanding and sharing open up a new world of possibilities.

Watch the webinar or read the summary below

Watch the webinar

1- The team

The whole team has been working for two years now, together with eight other developers, to develop this SaaS augmented reality software dedicated to the construction industry. Their goal is to pocket the 3d and build profit for your project.

Caroline Zigrand, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of GenieVision presents this webinar accompanied by David Verhaegen, Head of Sales, Philipe Carême CEO, Jean-Pierre Van Oudenhove CDO, and Hadrien Vande Wiele CTO.

The twelve members of the GenieVision's team who designed the first versions of the solution

GenieVision's team members

2- The market pressure

Our initial understanding of the state of the market and in particular the profitability issues in the construction industry. Already we see that the construction industry is under real pressure to build better, faster and cheaper. This has a negative impact on margin and profitability, while at the same time there is a huge investment in innovation and technology.

We understand that innovative solutions can help, but these solutions must be focused on standardisation, collaboration and integration: the use of platforms, digitalisation of the building, digitalisation of the work process and optimisation of this process. To reach the state of the art, various elements exist. One of them is of course the 3D and more broadly the BIM, which is used for the whole life cycle of the building and which can meet this challenge.

3- The 3D as a rescue tool

However, we also see a big gap between the 3D used in the design phase and the one used in the execution phase. In the design phase, we see that there is a significant investment in terms of time and resources to really integrate the 3D into the work process of a project, whereas it is not related to the operation. There is a lack of collaboration around this 3D between the various stakeholders of a project. It is really related to the maturity of the contractor and the subcontractors and more globally all the stakeholders.

When we talk about the exchange of information on-site to visualise, monitor and report, we noticed that we always use the 2D plan. And if we have to monitor on site, we’re using very expensive, high-tech technologies which are disconnected from the end user on site.

“And that’s where GenieVision comes in with a clear mission, to come in and to bring the 3D model to the site and make that experience fast, easy and reliable.”

With this image in mind, GenieVision strives to build an open solution, that is, one that is easy to integrate into a client’s ecosystem using state-of-the-art technologies. For the benefits of the end user on site, focusing on collaboration and usability. To summarise, we have a solution that allows you to take the 3D model to the site, compare that 3D model to reality and make different types of reports to digitise the documentation.

See in detail how GenieVision helps construction projects to save costs thanks to their 3D and BIM.

4- Bring the 3D on-site and feel the BIM

How GenieVision works
How GenieVision works?

The GenieVision work process is very simple. We have a 3D model, which is edited by a CAD system. This 3D model is uploaded to a web portal and made available to a mobile application for the operator on site who performs this inspection. During the inspection, we collect different elements, that can be retrieved on the web portal.

5- Get rid of the paper plans and benefit from the 3D, the 2D and Augmented Reality on-site in one app

GenieVision on-site from the video
Anticipate accurately and coordinate the work to be done before the execution.

We ensure that companies that have invested in 3D design get a return on their investment in terms of people, technology and software. This budget and time allocation represents a significant cost for companies. And, when the execution starts, rather than using this effort, construction companies still use printed 2D plans. Genie Vision helps them in three phases, and here is how:

Watch our explanation video or our short videos on functionality on Vimeo

Firstly, you can use augmented reality on construction sites, preferably using a smart device (e.g. equipped with LiDAR). The latest embedded technologies and our application allow you to anticipate accurately and coordinate the work to be done before the execution.

6- Project your 3D model against the reality on a one-to-one scale

GenieVision app on-site
All workers can understand and see the plans at any moment

This way, during the execution you can see the non-conformities and control the delivery of the building. We allow you to control the “bill of materials”, i.e. when you have a supplier telling you that he is sending you an invoice for a certain amount for a certain execution, then you can control this completion and monitor the invoice amounts.

Build a visual as-built and document it during the construction

Reporting an issue
Record and document all non-conformities

Finally, when you want to provide the as-built, that final picture of the building that you have to give to the client.  We can facilitate this work with our solution as you can record and document all non-conformities by comparing the 3D with the reality.

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