How smart construction can help to create a sustainable future?

  • 09.12.2021
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Sustainable construction for the future

While travel restrictions keep shifting, the GenieVision team and I were lucky to fit in a safe trip to the Netherlands for the Building Holland event. This forward-thinking event brought together market players and leading experts to present new technologies, innovative products, and fresh ideas on how the construction and real estate sectors can play a leading role in meeting sustainability objectives.


How smart construction can help to create a sustainable future – some Building Holland afterthoughts

By Philippe Carême, CEO @ GenieVision

A future where buildings are developed around the needs of its environment and tenants

Sustainable BIM construction presentation
Nils Bonder presenting his vision about the sustainable building.

A presentation by Nils Bonder (AM Gebiedsontwikkeling and the Royal BAM Group nv) stuck by me. In his presentation, Bonder envisions a future where buildings are developed around the needs of its environment and tenants, enabling them to pursue a sustainable future in a place that scales with them. He shared his perspective on optimizing living conditions, repurposing older or aging infrastructures, anticipate sustainability from the construction phase, and how to prepare better structures for a new and sustainable future.

Achieving the optimal balance for healthy, inclusive urban living requires the alignment of three key elements: building, environment, and behavior. Once aligned, organizations must focus on balancing the building’s five pillars:

  1. Health
  2. Usability
  3. Energy
  4. Environment
  5. Future value

How smart construction can help create a sustainable future?

Go green concept
Building's five pillars: health, usability, energy, environment, future value.

I believe Bonder’s view of building optimization will impact the environment and human behavior positively – for today and well into the future. Here are but a few of the specific benefits I spot if we all contribute to a sustainable mindset:

  • Who would mind living smaller, but better with technologies that are adjusted to inflations, energy resources, career changes, and more?
  • Who could object to affordable settings for cost-conscious start-ups, or affordable housing for single parents or underprivileged demographics? Locations could house multiple generations and secure sustainable futures, not to mention solve the ever-growing need of daycare facilities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Government and communities could support the less privileged in a constructive and forward-looking manner.
  • We could infuse older buildings with new urban purposes, build new constructions fit for multiple lifetimes and evolving societies.

I understand there are more elements at play. But if we can optimize the project’s budget from the start, there’s room to invest in the sustainability of future projects.


Meanwhile, make sure to connect with Bonder on LinkedIn and learn more about his work and the part that each of us must play in creating a net-zero future.


The solutions on display at Building Holland really proved that the Dutch are frontrunners when it comes to a holistic vision of modern and future construction behavior. On a macro level, I’m all in favour of adopting a helicopter overview to ensure we understand what must happen now so we can do better in the future to benefit all. On a more micro level, I believe the functionalities and benefits Augmented Reality (AR) has for the 3D BIM will play a crucial role in creating this type of building optimization.

"BIM model can almost be touched with a practical application"

Cobouw article about GenieVision
Article covering GenieVision in the well-known journal Coubow

How will AR 3D BIM make construction smarter and sustainably constructive?

An accurate AR 3D BIM provides immediate benefits of cutting costs and enhancing margins. Bonder’s presentation reminds us that this technology can also support a contractor’s commitment to sustainability and durability by:

  • contributing to a better, safer, healthier building
  • committing to better cooperation with subcontractors
  • engaging with new technologies to put existing expertise to a better use

AR 3D BIM ensures that you get it right from the start and through construction.


Our users count on GenieVision to deliver the correct rendering of the BIM. They have the confidence of knowing that no file is ever compromised and that they are viewing is an authentic WYSIWYG experience.

Discover more about our Augmented Reality app for the Construction here.


GenieVision is a centralised and cloud-based solution, ensuring those users who need access have access through the app, no matter where they are. Everything is live, accessible, and updated – always. And an Autodesk 360 BIM integration projects your 3D BIM onto the on-site reality – no hidden surprises, no covering up flaws. Accountability trumps project costs any day.

BIM and 3D covered on a technological aspect to help you making smart savings!


You need to see it all

I came away from Building Holland, reminded that you can never lose sight of the bigger picture – even if that picture extends out into the future. Because in the end, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. But being able to view all the parts and the whole together enhances our understanding and contributes to success. That’s why, in the whole ecosystem of technologies, we believe the role of 3D BIM has opportunity for great expansion. We look forward to building the future.



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