[GenieVision 2.2.0] BIM data, Enriched Augmented Reality

  • 04.10.2021
  • News
GenieVision application release 2.2.0

News on Augmented Reality for construction!

Released on September 27, 2021, this new version of GenieGate – our web portal – is filled with exciting things!

  • Selection of 3D objects and BIM interaction
  • Navigation in enriched Augmented Reality
  • Improvements to the table top functionality

New features bringing the field closer to 3D!

Let’s get into the details.


Selection of 3D objects and BIM interaction

  • Selecting objects and accessing their categories
  • Displaying and isolating an object
  • Creating a report on an object

Consult the BIM objects and find the information you need on site!

Selection of the 3D element
This ventilation system was installed on 26/07/2012

No need to search through documents or go back to your computer, select an object to view its details.

GenieVision now shows you the class of the objects in order to provide you with valuable information in the field.


Navigation in enriched Augmented Reality

  • Display of the location of a non-conformity and its report
  • Display of the location of a calibration point

Find your entire virtual environment!

Enriched Augmented Reality
You face two non-conformities and two calibration points

Navigating the building is made easier.

You have access to non-conformities that you can inspect in detail to follow their evolution.

You can also see the calibration points to automatically realign the model with reality.

Access to information is made easy with the aim of making GenieVision instinctive.


Improvements to the table top functionality

  • Removal of loading, you switch from a global 3D view to the immersive view and back again
  • View all reports
  • View all calibration points

Consult your project in its entirety

Table top mode with GenieVision's information
Check - alone or with others - the state of your site

At a glance, access all the action points of your building thanks to the miniature model.

You can navigate instinctively through the model, zoom in for more detail and consult non-conformities. It’s easy to check the progress from anywhere and in real time!

We value information and want it to be quickly available to teams. Collaborate and ensure cohesion between the various players.


See how accessing your 3D on-site ensures compliance and helps you deliver on time.

Those news on Augmented Reality for construction helps you save on every project.

Discover how it brings value to your projects

Get the support of GenieVision to access your BIM throughout the lifecycle of your project, from design to conception, and from construction to maintenance.