[GenieGate 2.2.0] BIM360 & ACC, Model cutting and Optimisation

  • 04.10.2021
  • News
GenieGate release 2.2.0

News on Augmented Reality for construction!

Released on September 27, 2021, this new version of GenieGate – our web portal – is filled with exciting things!

  • Connection to Autodesk BIM360 & Construction Cloud (ACC)
  • Customisation of model slicing
  • Optimisation of model processing

New features bringing the field closer to 3D!

Let’s get into the details.


Connection to Autodesk BIM360 & Construction Cloud (ACC)

  • Link GenieVision with your Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Find your 3D BIM files in GenieGate
  • Synchronize non-conformities

GenieVision integrates with your ecosystem for simplicity and fluidity!

GenieVision in ACC
An issue reported by GenieVision is imported in ACC project management

Your working environment remains the same, keep your files where they are, in ACC.

You can then find your 3D models in GenieGate. Once your files are linked, they are loaded into the application.


Customisation of model slicing

  • Define floors from any 3D file
  • Ability to delete and add levels
  • Change level elevations

Master your model to fit the field

Modify the number of floor and their elevation in GenieGate
Change the number of floors and their elevations from any 3D model

Edit and validate the floors, their names and their respective elevations from your 3D file. You no longer need a structure file as before.

You can adjust your 3D model to match the reality of the site. GenieVision users on the field gain in accuracy and understanding.


Optimisation of model processing

  • BIM viewer display is optimised
  • GenieVision application gains robustness in calibration

Faster file processing provides a better overall experience

Sorting elements to understand your site
On-site AR, the best friend for monitoring the work

Whatever the file size, the onsite experience is preserved. We efficiently transform your 3D model so that it can be used in AR from a mobile device.

With this enhancement, onsite performance is guaranteed and you gain robustness in calibrating the model to reality.

We secure the alignment of the model, for a preserved accuracy.


See how accessing your 3D on-site ensures compliance and helps you deliver on time.

This news on Augmented Reality for construction, helps you save on every project.

Discover how it brings value to your projects

Get the support of GenieVision to access your BIM throughout the lifecycle of your project, from design to conception, and from construction to maintenance.