VIDEO: Meet P. Carême – GenieVision’s CEO

  • 06.05.2021
  • News
Interview of Philippe Carême

Going from 2D plans to 3D plans

Philippe presents the Augmented Reality activity for the on-site quality management and shares his vision for the construction industry.

An interview conducted by our partner PropTechLab.

Meet Philippe Carême - GenieVision's CEO

Interview of GenieVision's CEO: Philippe Carême

Going from 2D paper plans to 3D on-site!

During the design phase of construction, the 3D format is used by architects and engineers alike. Generating 2D from 3D creates a loss of information.

The ambition is to replace the old 2D paper plans, widespread on the worksite, with smartphones.

Today’s devices can bring 3D models to life, and smart cameras make Augmented Reality easy to use.

Almost 10% of construction costs are wasted because of faulty execution

Construction companies investing in 3D succeed in engaging smart savings by bringing 3D and BIM data on-site to have:

  • Better execution
  • Less errors
  • Less planning deviation

See how GenieVision can save costs for your projects and boost coordination: here.

The trend tends to the circularity of raw materials

Raw material from the destruction of a building is to be reused for future constructions, this implies the need for an investment in 3D and BIM. In order to be more efficient in all aspects, the ecosystem will acknowledge BIM expansion from construction companies to real estate.

GenieVision provides construction professionals everywhere with the most user-friendly, affordable, best-in-class AR technology.

Pocket your 3D BIM, build your profit.

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