Save costs with GenieVision: bring the 3D on-site and boost coordination

  • 12.03.2021
  • Article

GenieVision, as a software company, focuses on fail costs reduction to construction compagnies using the BIM (3D – Building Information Modeling)

GenieVision has made a new tool that takes advantage of advanced mobile technologies to bring the 3D construction models to smartphones.

For years architects, designers and engineers have been working with 3D models of large and complex buildings on computers from remote office facilities – which are sometimes far from the job site – , but these models never made it into the hands of the workers actually working on the building – most of the time they still use outdated 2D paper plans. This implies to the management to make trips to the job site to see the reality whenever they ran into errors or mistakes, a process that is inefficient and costly.

Several studies in Europe said in average between 7% and 12% of construction costs are related to issues and errors from a job site.

GenieVision has created an entire flow experience from the original 3D model to the smartphone or tablet.
Touching a space on the real floor on the job site opens a corresponding 3D model spot with a centimetric positioning accuracy in your premise.

Through the augmented reality, all job site stakeholders can use, proactively the 3D designs to bring effectiveness and then reduce on-site issues and mistakes.

The app has been designed so that it can run from any recent smartphone and tablet. The software takes advantage of the latest technologies in 3D space positioning with a  special homemade rendering.

Genie enables stakeholders to find the particular spot on the 3D drawing, with easiness and intuitive manner, to the project part with the objective to get faster in the space of checking and verifying HVAC, plumbing, and other installations and related work. With our technology, teams improve their work and make sure they are putting their equipment in the correct spot. Working with Genie software helps to make that placement crystal clear.

Our software video game-like makes it easy for all involved parties. Operators do not need to be tech savvy to use our software, it facilitates the 3D models experience with on-site automated positioning. Due to our cloud infrastructure, designers and engineers receive an immediate feedback from the job site on issues or errors through alerts or reports. All involved parties on the job site receive the right feedback, and consequently, appropriate actions can be taken quicker directly pushed from 3D designer’s office.

With GenieVision, construction compagnies can significantly reduce their job site fail costs, with more “a priori” verifications and therefore increase the pace of construction planning.

GenieVision’s goal is to produce real-time reports with the most important errors that have been detected earlier, and then support our clients by implementing changes in their construction processes, including contractors and sub-contractors, and therefore increase their margin on each construction project.

Visual help to identify non-conformities

3D model on-site to share information with the office

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