Hannover Messe – how we create today’s AR construction tech with tomorrow’s pioneers

  • 13.09.2022
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GenieVision at Hannovere Messe

By Philippe Carême, CEO @ GenieVision

GenieVision was founded on the idea that technology could help the construction industry do things better, faster, and at less cost. We were right. Our customers and their applications have taught us many lessons that have improved how we develop and deliver our technology. But you don’t move forward if you keep talking to the same people, attending the same events, and meeting with the same partners over and over.

How Hannover Messe learnings will help us create the construction AR industry of tomorrow with today’s industrial pioneers?

The need for industrial cross-pollination, tech inspiration, and entrepreneurial curiosity drove us to the Hannover Messe (HAM) show in Germany. This event is not a construction show, though. This gathering focuses on solutions and technologies that enable industrial transformation.

At HAM, GenieVision joined the AWEX delegation, focusing on Augmented Reality and Extended Reality. Our goal: go to the heart of innovation, talk to experts, learn all we can, and bring back the transformational insights that will influence our strategy for AR and digitilisation in the construction industry.

What we learned? A lot. Specifically, that we need to approach our business differently.

How to lead the construction industry by innovation?

HAM was all about innovation. But innovation by itself is only interesting as an idea. What inspired me the most at HAM was seeing how innovation leads companies in new directions.

For GenieVision, we have taken a cautious and deliberate approach to innovate construction, understanding the challenges that come with innovating a traditionally rigid sector. But now, I believe that instead of sticking to this cautious approach, we should focus on how our innovation enables construction companies to optimise overall operability while cutting costs.

For example, look at any industrial operational plant. When anything needs to be done – a renovation, replacement, upgrade – they do that work without any impact on speed, efficiency, or deliverables. The same can be true for construction.

The hive mind at Hannover Messe shows the key trends that pave the way for us to achieve that as well:

  • Trend 1 – data visualisation

Visualising data makes a tremendous impact on any construction project. By merging reality with digital metadata, people are better able to make a correct assessment of any project. Using technologies like IoT (internet of things), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR), users can see what is there and what can be done with it – digital metadate becomes smARt Metadata – actualising their vision to the project reality.

Three years ago, GenieVision recognised the power of this capability. The BIM plans are a 3D visualisation of the 2D blueprints. Our development team applied its AR, VR, and MR gaming experience to these plans, and that’s how our app was born: data in your pocket builds the profit. And it’s only getting better, trust us.

Want to know where digitalization of the construction site stands?

Assess the state of the 3D BIM by downloading our white paper!

  • Trend 2 – virtual and visual project validation

Having an idea and visualising your concept with the data at hand is great. But to execute it against budget, you need to validate your project.

We learnt at HAM that in engine engineering, engineers could simulate how exactly how an engine component would be replaced and what the impact of that replacement would be on performance, budget, and ROI.

You can do the same in construction. By spotting problems before they are an actual problem, you’re already positively impacting the budget. We often see no less than a 50% cut on failure costs. No hollow words, just money on the bank.

Learn more about saving costs on site.

Or check out how on-site validation solved problems for our partner Strabag.

  • Trend 3 – small steps for big thinkers create smarter cities

Smart cities are all the rage and everyone’s favourite buzzword. But saying you’re working greener does not translate to a positive environmental impact. When it comes to being green, your words only go so far; it’s your actions that matter.

Continuous quality assurance of the construction site is one way to improve your environmental impact. By reducing the energy resources needed to perform unnecessary tasks – or redo tasks completed incorrectly – you are saving energy, reducing waste, and working towards a more positive environmental impact.

We saw this trend toward smarter cities and sustainable construction at the Building Holland event. Since then, we have been ardent believers in the power of the collaborative hive mindset to create the smart and sustainable cities of the future. Time to bank on this more.

Read more about how SMART construction enables a sustainable future.

Growing through the power of exploration

At the end of the day, HAM helped us to see our work in a new light.
We’re not here to overhaul the construction industry, we’re here to facilitate its digital transformation. By leveraging the power of smARt BIM data across team collaborations, every construction professional can grow to the next stage of digitilisation. GenieVision is a safe investment. The profitability revenue when integrating GenieVision is immediate when done accurately. No hidden costs, only immediate savings.

By cutting your failure costs, you build your margin again. Grow your profit, so you can grow your business again.

So, thanks for the valuable lessons, Hannover Messe, and reminding us to keep:

  • engaging with other industries and new partners to spark new perspectives on the horizon
  • thinking outside the box to explore new business opportunities
  • envisioning big. Start small and never stop – Rome wasn’t built in a day (and we all know that’s because they didn’t have the technology to help them!)

Most of all, we learned that construction is not a standalone market. When you have an open mind, there is much you can learn from other industries. I encourage all visionary construction professionals to keep exploring; learn what AR can mean for your business and your community.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to share ideas! My LinkedIn DMs are open.

Philippe Carême

P.S. Come find me in France at Batimat or Congrès HLM next – would love to hear about your projects!