[WEBINAR] Client’s Feedbacks: construction smart viewer

  • 26.04.2022
  • News
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16th of June, 16h – 16h45

Our customers have allowed us to share their use cases and experiments. We will explain in detail the situations in which augmented reality has been of great value to our clients.

GenieVision is your 3D visualization tool in BIM. Both smart construction and smart buildings use the digital twin to share digital data. Augmented reality enhances your visual information and makes it available to all stakeholders on any mobile device.

How to use Augmented Reality on the construction site ?

  • What impact for the Construction industry?
  • What constraints for the user?
  • What advantages for the projects?

The barometer 2021 on Augmented Reality made in Belgium reveals some hints :

What are the benefits of AR in construction projects?

  • Visualisation of sales
  • An image says more than 1000 words
  • Efficiency and accuracy

What are the obstacles of AR in construction projects?

  • Not convinced with the solution
  • No unified policy to address the use of AR apps

Discover a workable Augmented Reality app for Construction:

  • A simple tool for controlling the as-built model
  • Provision of illustrated evidences for better collaboration
  • The model superimposed on reality
  • A smart viewer made for the construction site

Augmented Reality explained

A 45 minutes webinar, followed by your questions !

Meet François Snoeck, COO at GenieVision, who will explain Augmented Reality through feedbacks from our ecosystem and our users!


Not available?

You can read our 4 minutes long article about all new technologies used to monitore the construction worksite.