VIDEO: Augmented Reality app for Construction

  • 02.06.2021
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Augmented Reality app for Construction

Augmented Reality (AR) app for Construction: dive into immersive technology’s possibilities

Benchmarking the on-site reality against the 3D through the power of AR cuts failure costs and optimises budget margins for construction projects

Make the conceptual neartangible with GenieVision.

2 min to see what Augmented Reality can do for Construction 👇

GenieVision AR for Construction

Pocket your 3D BIM, build your profit

With GenieVision, look beyond reality!

Thanks to a unique combination of technologies (#AR #BIM #DataTransformation), display your #3D model on top of reality, correctly located and calibrated!

Augmented Reality app for Construction, GenieVision is an outstanding solution in the market, which is not comparable with competitors thanks to its unique and patented processes. We have put in a lot of work on the calibration of the 3D model on the reality so that the experience on-site is smooth and easy for operators. The model will be well aligned in a matter of seconds and 2 taps.

See for yourself:

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Understand how Augmented Reality helps you to save costs 👇

We help the BIM to deliver its promise

GenieVision extends BIM model on site via a mobile device. The solution superimposes the 3D model, in Augmented Reality, indoor-located and correctly calibrated, on top of the work-site.

Using the app on-site ensures high-level quality control and slashes failure costs by up to 50%. We have been working for two years to study site control work and to develop a professional application including AR. This makes site management and quality control much easier. GenieVision app uses Augmented Reality to bring any 3D model on the field and help workers to check better, faster and sooner.

Augmented Reality in the Construction industry is new and its use by operators is the biggest challenge. This is why we have called on specialists in this technology from the world of video games. Today we are sure of our robustness thanks to our first focus on the use of the application.

  • Precision of the order of a centimeter
  • Multi-sector for complex work in the Construction of the Industry
  • Tailor-made to your specific needs
  • BIM based for you to leverage your 3D model

An application of Augmented Reality plugged into the construction ecosystem

More globally, our solution allows multi-project management and supports your communication between BIM and site management. We are a keystone which helps the BIM to deliver its promise thanks to cooperation. The application easily guides workers in their daily work. They can carry out control work and ensure that your quality processes are strengthened, thus reducing your costs and the risk of delays.

Trust GenieVision to collaborate around visual evidence that makes it easier for everyone to understand the site.
Boost your cooperation and gain in performance.

Using GenieVision is child’s play. See for yourself!