Real Estate & Augmented Reality – 6 reasons why AR is a game-changer to sell more

  • 05.03.2021
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Augmented reality is not new, but its maturity level has increased a lot the past couple of years. So much so that it can be used by anyone that has a smartphone.

Augmented reality is a game-changer that can substantially enhance real estate business

#1. Your phone works too

A smartphone is enough.

Why is that important? If a potential customer can access an app by casually uploading your 3D models and showing it via a smartphone in its future landscape, it gives that real estate business an edge by convincing more people.

#2. AR shows the final result to customers

How do you convince your potential customers? By showing a 3D models of their future property as it could be in real life.

How it works? A buyer installs an app on his device through which they can view any building that is on sale by the company. It starts from urban houses to complete skyscrapers. Users will be able to rotate the buildings, zoom in on details, adapt furniture and much more.

#3. Tabletop Mode

The ability to use augmented reality for real estate without moving from home, completely changes the way businesses can interact with their clients. Individual realtors, instead of having to visit the respective property with clients, can propose sending AR files to them, saving a lot of time and effort.

That’s the icing on the cake!

#4. AR as new Marketing tools

You could get a larger engagement with potential clients and be able to differentiate your business as much possible from the competition. Augmented Reality could make a crucial difference.

Magic Experience: AR would allow professionals to offer a personalized and unique experience to the client, as  AR gives clients the chance to imagine and view their dream home. They will be able to see if their furniture fits before ever even visiting!

#5. Regular 3D models – Revit, Sketchup, etc.

As a result, real estate companies can use AR and 3D models and render it simultaneously without allocating extra resources.

For maximum efficiency, all these tools should be combined for the best results. But most importantly, you do not need to spend more than the usual 3D models you already have. Most architects, or designers use standard software like Autodesk – Revit, Trimble Sketchup, and others.

#6. A must: embracing AR

We have listed the potential advantages for using AR in Real Estate:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: no more home staging
  • Save Time: no need to organize a meeting and travel to a property to see it; you can take a virtual tour from wherever you are at any time
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: AR provides the opportunity to experience your new home, at homme. Or anywhere else.
  • In-depth Analytics: realtors can easily keep track of customer choices and behaviors
  • Look beyond reality: clients can even see the scene while the entire workforce is still working. Clients may have a look at finished goods and furniture before it is installed, giving them an onsite preview.

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