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  • 26.04.2022
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[WEBINAR] Client’s Feedbacks: construction smart viewer


16th of June, 16h – 16h45

smARt viewer for construction
  • 21.04.2022
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smARt Viewer at Digital Construction Week London : AR for 3D BIM

GenieVision, a leading developer of AR construction technology, will showcase its smARt Viewer at the upcoming Digital Construction Week, 18-19 May 2022 at ExCeL, London. The GenieVision solution brings the BIM digital twin to life on site by means of an AR app on a mobile device, allowing users to detect, report, and fix construction flaws before they become major failures.

On May 18th, 2022 at 12.30pm, François Snoeck, Product Manager at GenieVision, will host a presentation on the Tech Stage entitled “Can one smARt 3D BIM visualiser really get you those smart savings?”, during which he will illustrate how this innovative solution will save time and money for everyone involved in the construction process. Visitors who are not able to make it to his session will still have the opportunity to get a live demo in the GenieVision stand DC70 throughout the London Digital Construction Week.

Digital Twin at Bim World paris
  • 13.04.2022
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The digital twin: vision, actors and digital divide

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions was a central theme for the most recent BIM WORLD 2022. Gains in time, performance, and communication were also key topics for discussion at the event that brings together professionals active in the entire life cycle of a construction project and considers challenges of digitalisation in the construction chain.

The latest developments in digital innovation and sustainability were explored too. GenieVision took the opportunity to understand the visions of builders, and their current problems, among which is the digital divide on the construction site.

In this article, we will discuss the planning, execution, management, operation and maintenance aspects of BIM. We will explore how its usefulness depends on a digital twin – a digital version of the planned project that is faithful to the reality on the ground. The more up-to-date it is, the greater its value. A real-time 3D model allows collaboration on this digital twin and ensures all the BIM gains are made.

BIM World Augmented Reality
  • 31.03.2022
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BIM World 2022 – Augmented Reality for Construction

Augmented Reality (AR) for 3D BIM : GenieVision presents smARt Viewer app for construction

BIM World 2022

GenieVison, a leading developer of AR construction technology, will showcase its smARt Viewer at the upcoming BIM World, taking place in Paris on April 5-6.

GenieVision’s solution enables all construction professionals to benchmark the on-site reality against the 3D BIM.

The AR mobile app brings the BIM digital twin to life on-site through an AR app on a mobile device, allowing users to detect, report, and fix construction flaws before they become major failures. This innovative AR for 3D BIM technology that saves time and money throughout construction project phases will be on demo in the GenieVision stand A26.

smart viewer on-site
  • 15.03.2022
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A smARt viewer to watch the 3D BIM on-site

BIM file series @ STRABAG

By Frits Bonte, Digital Process Manager at STRABAG


STRABAG is a European technology partner for construction services, leading in innovation and capital strength. Their offer includes all areas of the construction industry and covers the entire construction value chain. They bring people, building materials, and equipment to the right place at the right time. As a result, they are familiar with various technologies that support all areas of the construction industry.

At the Digital Construction Day conference in Brussels, the presentation of Frits Bonte focused on the growing use of Augmented Reality for BIM in construction projects. We asked Frits to share with GenieVision a summary of the power of AR in construction projects, some caution notes, and why AR for BIM is the central smARt construction technology users need to be thinking about. Now and in the future.

Benefits of Augemented Reality for users
  • 13.03.2022
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5 questions on smARt construction innovation to watch

Traditionally, the construction industry was perceived to be slow in adopting the digital technologies needed to achieve higher productivity. But today, as the industry faces new budget, regulatory, and time pressures, the use of digital technology is no longer optional – it’s a requirement.

Facilitating that move to technology is speeded up by visionary organisations, like PropTech Lab. This community of innovators focuses on creating awareness, fostering innovations, and empowering the real estate and construction sectors to act now for everyone’s tomorrow.

Recently, GenieVision co-hosted a webinar with PropTech Lab and its CEO, Noémie de Crombrugghe. The C-level insights she shared into how today’s construction technology innovations shape tomorrow’s properties and real estate markets were too valuable to not be elaborated on. So, we asked her to delve a little deeper.

Augmented reality and digital twin
  • 07.03.2022
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Augmented Reality to maximize the efficiency of the digital twin

BIM files series: 3D @ Probim

By Mouna Drira, BIM Manager at Probim.


Introduction by Caroline Zigrand, COO at GenieVision

This blog post is the first in our ongoing series entitled “The BIM [email protected]”. You’ll hear the GenieVision partners and customers share their BIM insights and ideas in these articles.

Our first guest blogger is Mouna Drira, BIM Manager @Probim in France. Probim is a team of engineers and architects who rely on a digital model based on digital innovation and new technologies to meet the design and construction needs of buildings.

Mouna believes that BIM has proven its value in the design phase, and now sees the value of relying on digital models to monitor construction, anticipate the implementation of predictive maintenance, and ensure the monitoring and wealth management of buildings.


Here is her contribution to the AR revolution in BIM.

Open BIM or closed BIM?
  • 10.02.2022
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Open BIM or Closed BIM? The pros and cons as we build the future of construction

By Jean-Pierre Oudenhove, CDO @ GenieVision

Late last year, the GenieVision team and I had the chance to attend the BIMLux event in Luxemburg. The event brought together an international group of key players in the field of BIM and construction technology. As you would expect, BIM was a central topic throughout the event. More specifically, attendees were heavily debating if Open BIM or closed BIM would shape the industry’s future. The answer – for now! – is that both Open BIM and closed BIM have a role in connecting today’s building ecosystems.


If this confuses you, you are not alone. Read on to learn the current state of play in BIM technology, the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions, and where we are heading in the future.

technologies for construction 4.0
  • 09.02.2022
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Key on-site control management technologies for construction 4.0

The pandemic-induced economic slowdown in 2020 certainly had an impact on the construction sector. But today, the industry has largely rebounded from the COVID crisis. In 2021, demand for construction was up two and a half percent compared to 2019. Construction order books are full, and needs keep growing.

But despite the growth and opportunities in today’s construction industry, companies of all sizes are challenged to finish jobs on time. These challenges are partly due in part to stringent sustainability requirements, rising cost pressure, labour scarcity, and lack of new available materials.

Construction companies are increasingly turning to technology to overcome these challenges and gain greater efficiency. This technological breakthrough has the potential to transform the entire industry.

But in construction, where business habits are ingrained and correspond to actual human know-how, it is not likely that transformation will come from a new technology that disrupts established ways of doing things.

Instead, the technological transformation in construction will come from established companies reinventing themselves by testing, qualifying, and adopting new technologies. These companies will experiment with technology at first, then integrate it into the digital toolbox of the construction site.

In 2021, GenieVision attended the Digital Construction Day conference in Brussels to learn more about these technological developments. In this post, we’ll share key lessons learned at the event and highlight the digitalisation of construction in the context of site monitoring and control.

Learn about the future of Construction
  • 17.12.2021
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WEBINAR: Next generation buildings!

A unique webinar with PropTech Belgium!


19th of January, 17h-18h

How the construction industry is relying on 3D for a successful BIM and how AR can help?

Discover how it brings value to your projects

Get the support of GenieVision to access your BIM throughout the lifecycle of your project, from design to conception, and from construction to maintenance.