Pocket your 3D, build your profit with Augmented Reality for construction

Visualise your BIM, optimise its execution

Use AR to align your project management with the construction site

In building construction, your reputation is built on quality and timeliness. GenieVision Augmented Reality (AR) gives engineers and other construction professionals the ability to benchmark on-site reality against the 3D BIM. This innovative IT construction technology detects, corrects, and fixes construction flaws before they become major failures. Making GenieVision part of your BIM project management improves your quality assurance, streamlines your building procedures, and delivers up to 50% savings on costs associated with construction failures.


A user-friendly solution


A software plugged in your digital ecosystem


All stakeholders share visual and location information


A bundle of new, combined technologies

Want in on these smart savings?

Get your construction professionals everywhere to work smarter, save costs, and deliver on time.

GenieVision enhances each step of your project. Here's how:

Leverage your 3D BIM throughout the project lifecycle: from design to conception, from construction to maintenance, GenieVision has you covered.

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Learn it all about AR for Construction in November
  • 04.11.2021
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WEBINAR: Client feedback: use of AR on-site!

How to get 3D out of the screen thanks to AR?


8th of December, 17h-17h30

What our customers and users say

The GenieVision experience – trusted by customers, valued by partners.

Technical works projects

Soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking  all technics (ducts, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)

Renovation projects – openings

Coming soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision checking slab openings

As-built projects

Coming soon – Our first users sharing their earnings while using GenieVision to access in a glance to their  issues (3D against reality) collected along the control process